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About us

Our aim is simple: crafting better Finnish burgers, using the fresh Finnish ingredients. We take pride in supporting Finnish food producers and embracing responsible production practices.


Friends & Brgrs story began in 2014 in the small town of Pietarsaari. Six burger-loving friends decided to open up a restaurant of their own.

The start wasn’t smooth—a few burnt steaks and recipe stumbles—but after much trial and error, we nailed our techniques. Our breakthrough? Perfecting triple-cooked French fries made from carefully chosen potato varieties, eliminating the need for freezing.

We felt bad about the early letdowns and offered free fries to Pietarsaari locals as an apology. Luckily, our Helsinki opening in 2015 was a hit, drawing crowds immediately. This success led to openings in Tampere, Oulu, and Turku. Today we have 27 restaurants in Finland and counting.

Afterwards, we’ve wondered how it all worked out and why Friends & Brgrs has become so popular. Maybe because we have has remained true to our simple philosophy from the beginning.

Fresh tastes best, which is why we bake our own buns in the restaurant, every day. It’s also why we ground our own beef and make our fries from fresh potatoes. We work with carefully selected suppliers that we know and trust, using more than 95% Finnish ingredients.

There are easier ways to make burgers and fries, but not better.

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