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Friends & Brgrs

No frozen ingredients. No shortcuts. No compromises.

Handmade from the best ingredients.

Fresh tastes best, which is why we bake our own buns in the restaurant, every day. It’s also why we ground our own beef, make our fries from fresh potatoes, and prepare our own sauces from scratch.

We work with carefully selected suppliers that we know and trust. We use more than 95% Finnish ingredients.

There are easier ways to make burgers and fries, but not better.

A new type of burger restaurant

Our story began in 2014 in the small town of Pietarsaari. We were six burger-loving friends who decided to open up a restaurant of their own. Thanks to an amazing team and loyal customers, we now have Friends & Brgrs restaurants all over Finland.


Peter, Kaj, Saul, Sebastian, Rasmus, Ole

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